Scleroderma Research Has Opened Our Eyes

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It’s amazing what you learn about life, relationships, and the human spirit when you’re involved with charitable organizations.

Sure, it’s possible that you may stumble upon chain emails and forwarded texts that can touch your heart on any given day.  But what we’ve found in our pursuit of inspiring stories is they resonate with us, motivate us to help, and help us peer at life through a new lens.

At Bounce To A Cure we’re raising awareness.  To do so effectively, we have to keep a pulse on what is happening in the Scleroderma community in legislation , media events,  as well as news in homegrown social networks.  We’ve found it’s an engaging and everlasting pursuit of learning.

Always One Less Fortunate

If there has been one takeaway from reaching out to others it’s to appreciate every day we awake and go about our daily routines no matter the circumstance.  Why?  Because there are less fortunate people than ourselves whose concerns dwarf our own.

Picture for a moment you’re waking up on a chilly New England morning.  Most of us get up (begrudgingly), brave the
morning chill and go about our shower-breakfast-coffee routines.  What if you had scleroderma?

For a scleroderma sufferer waking up on a cold morning like Ita Richardson you’d likely have a numbing feeling in your fingers.  The numb and lifeless feeling would continue up to your elbows and be so severe you’d have to use one hand to lift the other.

You’d be hard pressed to worry much about what to wear, how your hair looks, how chilly it is, or if the barista will foul up your latte order. You’d have bigger concerns at hand.

Open Your Eyes Today

As you go about your business today be happy.  Smile at others.  Offer a helping hand and be joyous simply for being blessed with life.  Look around you and if you see someone in pain just say a few kind words to them.  If you’re not feeling brave enough to reach out to them then whisper the words in your heart.  Just be thankful for what you’ve been given.

Besides, isn’t it appropriate to be giving thanks this week?

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