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The word Scleroderma can be broken down into two parts: “sclero,” meaning hardening and “derma,” which refers to “skin”. In its simplest form and most visible symptom, scleroderma causes a hardening of the skin. Beneath the surface, scleroderma is much more. It’s an autoimmune disease that often affects the internal organs with life-threatening consequences.

Many scleroderma patients experience numbness, cramping and painful, sometimes debilitating tightening of the skin. Others have a more destructive form of the disease that attacks multiple organ systems, including the lungs, heart, kidneys and entire vascular system.

At Bounce to a Cure, we’ve partnered with the Scleroderma Research Foundation as a Cure Crew member and rely on your support to help raise awareness and fund the most promising research, bringing hope and peace to those who need it most.

Donations will help the Scleroderma Research Foundation, America’s leading nonprofit investor in medical research, to find improved therapies and a cure for this life-threatening disease.

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