Why I Pogo

After breaking endurance records on a pogo stick since 2007, many people continue to ask why I put myself through the strain of boredom and pain. The primary reason, without a doubt, is to help fund-raise for the Scleroderma Research Foundation; a charity dedicated towards researching for a cure. A great friend I met at WPI held annual walks in Worcester to help fundraising efforts due to his mother being affected. Our senior year of college, our Fraternity Sigma Pi decided it would be fun to try a different type of event involving the Guinness Book of World Records to spark interest. There is no better way to attract attention than by attempting a world record, and it certainly works.

After injuring my lower back in 2014, unable to compete that year, it has changed my perspective a bit on the longevity of these record attempts. This attempt will be my last attempt at the consecutive bounce record and potentially my last attempt at an endurance record; I’ll need to reevaluate afterwards on how my body can handle these beatings. That being said, I have had a tremendous amount of support for friends and family around the globe and I want to make this record attempt special. I will be dedicating an hour of pogoing to a special group of people and sharing it with the world here. I guarantee there are plenty of people I have forgotten to write on this list; however, just know you still hold a place in this attempt and my heart.

Philly Skyline

Hour 1: ITS

This was where the pogo record idea flourished, at my first programming internship. I remember sitting at lunch and talking about world records for the first time; this is where it began and this is where I will begin again.

Robert Encarnacao
Kyle Waz

Hour 2: BTAC, Scleroderma, and Supporters

This group consists of people who have heard my story and I have become friends through Bounce to a Cure as well as the Scleroderma Research Foundation. People I may have never met prior, people who motivate me as well to push further.

Karen Vasquez
Charles Spaulding
Amy Hewitt
Tom Curran
David Rex
Stephen Johnson
Jimmy Graner

Hour 3: IST

My first job out of college and it could not have been any better. I worked with a great crowd of people who helped me grow as a developer as well as enjoy time outside of work. This one is for you guys!

Pat Demarco
Rob McNeil
Jonathan Alford
David Dillon
Ian Miller
Tim Brett
Tom Durrand
Stan Stark
Adrian Stark
Mason Leggee
Mark Misodoulakis
Matt Misodoulakis

Hour 4: Cloudswitch

A recent job that tested my fortitude in many ways and helped me realize I still have the drive to get the job done. I haven’t met such a cohessive group of people that I could collaborate with technically, work late hours with, and have fun pranking (or hugging) my boss Jason. This crew will always be remembered.

Jason Merchant
Zach Torre
Carissa Brailsford
Luis Colon
Rich Snyder
Margaret Kapica
Kevin Clarke
Kevin Burrell
Bernie Pezzimenti
Ed Szajner
Mike Mombourquete
Rick Meldrum
Shannen Delude
Heather Donnelly
Paul Godin
Brian Dambaugh
John Maffa
Tom Walsh
and of course, the lovely Senorita Pollo

Hour 5: Boston Wedding Films

When looking for new opportunities in life, I was thankful to have this amazing wedding crew take me in to learn from and grow into a better videographer. They took a chance on me and my lack of experience and I’m thankful they did. So many incredible stories captured and built with these folks, thank you for welcoming me into the team!

Jason Falchuk
Jim Greene
Dorian Iribarren
Maggie Irinbarren
Mike Pettengill
Whit Haynes

Hour 6: Eliza Corporation

My latest opportunity and I could not have met a better family to join. Immediately feeling welcome and valued, I feel a great deal of pride and accomplishment everyday I’m here. While I haven’t met a great deal of the folks working here, I can’t wait to work on future projects with all of you.

Anne Tobin
John Puopolo
James Post
Dannerys Duran
Andy Gerard
Tony Grassa
Ray Carvill

Hour 7: Xpogo

After breaking the record in 2007, I thought it was a one-time situation. If it wasn’t for Xpogo and their effort with Pogopalooza, I wouldn’t have even bothered to raise as much for Scleroderma or achieve so many world records. You all have helped me push my own boundaries and I can’t thank you enough.

Nick Ryan
Nick McClintok
Fred Gryzbowskit
Biff Hutchison
Mark Aldridge
Dan Mahoney
Nick Ryan
Ryan OMalley
Jake Fagliarone
Michael Mena
Tone Staubs
Chadd Dietz
Ryan Meyer
Russ Kaus
Zach Tucker
Dmirty Arsenyev
Steve Bennett
Dalton Smith
Mike Hughes
Jake Gartland
Cody Bluett
Will Weiner
Bryan Pognant
Curt Markwardt
Harry White
Henry Cabelus

Hour 8: Watertown

An extremely fun and welcoming group of friends I’m glad I met during my time living in Watertown. While it was only for a year, you all still help support and push me further. I miss that apartment.

Jen Meyer
Gavin Bates
Blair Komar
Nick Bliss
Phil Sasonoff
Bill Howe
Kat Daly
Spencer Caddigan

Hour 9: Hometown and around

What can I say? This is where everything started. You all were here from the beginning shaping me into the person I am today. I couldn’t be happier with the people I have met in and around Lynnfield and want to thank all of you for the support. Viva la snow p—-.

Taylor Armstrong
Bobby Healy
John Glencross
Chris Marino
Tony Marino
Joe Reily
Cody Fredrickson
Mark Lent
Juan Izquierdo
Steve Lomasney
Joe Lamonica
Amanda Davis
Jordan Paresky
Carlye Cox
Phil Bosse
James Ricker
AJ Cerretani
Kat Casey
Paul Zenga
Jon Aaronson
Adam Nikolich
Kara Hayden
Reid Lavoie
Abby Hickman
Josh Hickman
Mason Hickman
Josh Gardner
Charlie Carella
Mark Vellante
Magen Vellante
Jo-Anne Sheehan
Dr. Tom Sheehan
Coach DiBiase
Ms. PerroneĀ 
Dr. Boy
Mr. Borek
Dan Tomasello

Hour 10: WPI

This group. My god, this group. I’ll never forget that first attempt; couches and tvs on the quad, blasting music and sing-a-longs, and of course all those caffeine pills. You kept me going and still keep me going. Here’s to you guys!

Will Price
Mary Cirbus
Jess Magnuson
Eric Magnuson
Jeff Beck
Sean Seymour
Kirsten Seymour
Brad Windsor
Erica Koeller
Joe Mann
Bart Shappee
Lindsay Shappee
Nick Vaccaro
Greg Artim
Justin Pelkowski
Evan May
Laura Sherman
Shaun Price
Mike Kavulich
Zack Kleinfeld
Liz Kleinfeld
Will Brooks
Liz Brooks
Eric Scheid
Rick Leverance
Kate Ryan
Tom Coletta
Chris Cheu
Shawn Whilhelm
Matt Tomasko
Eric Weiland
Keith Meyer
Carlos Mercado
Darlene Wagner
Officer Vandal
Jeremy Boylan
Fr. Mike Hobson
and all my Sigma Pi brothers old and new

Hour 11: Lyons’

Taking me in as a part of the family and supporting me along the way, I’m glad Maura has such a loving and caring family. I’m looking forward to our lives together and am extremely thankful for all of the support.

Tommy Lyons
Jean Lyons
Sarah Lyons
Drew drewbalicious Winer
Joyce Melikian
Helen Maginnis
Paul Lyons
Jack Lyons
Jon Lyons
Paul Lyons Jr

Hour 12: Gustafson’s

My step-dad’s side of the family has always been cheering me on and I’ve loved it every single time. You opened your arms to my brother and I from a young age and haven’t looked back. This hour goes to all of you!

Suzanne Gustafson
Nels Gustafson
Derek Gustafson
Jenny Gustafson
Anna Gustafson
Drew Gustafson
Davis Gustafson
Chad Freeman
Erin Freeman
Justin Napolitano
Amy Napolitano
Jeanne Freeman

Hour 13: Roumeliotis’

My cousins, uncles, and aunts on my dad’s side; a crazy bunch who always knows how to appreciate life the way it is meant to be lived. Distances have separated us from visiting as frequently as our younger years but that hasn’t broken our bond. I’ll be bouncing for you all this hour.


Hour 14: Leoncello’s

My mom’s side of the family; a crew I kept close to throughout the years and enjoy seeing on the holidays. Nothing beats the Christmas parties at Grandma’s and I’m glad to have such a loving group of people to celebrate many of life’s events with. Here’s to all of you!

Great Grandpa
Pam Gobiel
Mark Gobiel

Hour 15: My Family

These folks have raised me into who I am and continue to shape me into who I want to be. All of the hard-work over all of the years to help me be as successful as possible will never be forgotten. Each and every one of you holds a special place in my heart and this hour of pogoing will be dedicated to all of your efforts. Thank you for making me who I am.


Hour 16 and beyond: Loves of my Life

The last but not least of my dedications, three people who are the most meaningful to me in my life.


My passionate and ever-loving girlfriend. She sees the best in every situation and opens my eyes to the beauty of the world; something my engineering mind desperately needs. The effort needed to carry through when teaching children reminds me that this world consists of people in need of help and not to be selfish. Her support has been a staple to my success and I look forward to the future our lives hold.


The unsung hero in all of this, my brother Chris. Besides being my older brother when growing up, he has always been there for me whenever I needed him. This includes being at my side each and every minute of each and every record attempt. No words can describe how thankful I am to have such an amazing brother be such a large part of my life. I look up to and admire a great deal about him; the perfect big brother anyone could hope to have.


You are my hero and who I want to grow up to be. You have taught me so much in your time here that I still remember back to all of our memories together during the summers. The pogo stick you had in the shed up in the cottage started this whole debacle, but more importantly the kindness and toughness you shared with your family will always stick with me. I love you and will see you again.

As I mentioned above, there are plenty of more people not listed who have helped support me in many ways. This record attempt is for all of you; thank you all for the help along the way. Now let’s bring this record back to Boston and find a cure for Scleroderma!


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