Happy Holidays And Merry Christmas From BTAC

Here’s a classic Charlie Brown holiday video that resonates with the religious-types (Christians and the like). It’s a nice message of goodwill toward all and the reminder of the root meaning of and reason for celebrating Christmas.

For many of us it’s all about the frenzy to and from the malls trying to check off an enormous list of gifts for family and friends.

For others, it’s about gathering with loved ones over dinner with a Balsam tree decorated and lit while sharing your stories and time.

Let’s just say for us at BTAC it’s a time for us to wish everyone well with hopes for warmth, love, happiness, and health.  This is a time to remember we’re human (not autonomous cubicle drones); it’s about reconnecting and taking pause from work and obligations.  We look forward to enjoying each others company and unplugging from the daily grind.

What Does Christmas Mean To You?

How will you spend this holiday and with whom?  When you strip all the commercialism away and boil this time of year down to its core, what lies beneath it all?

Enjoy your holiday time no matter what your answer and our sincerest warm wishes to you and yours.

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