BTAC: Our TODAY Show and Guinness Record Update

Image of James Roumeliotis at TODAY Show

James pictured with family and Guinness representatives at the Today show

So the TODAY show aired and my nerves have settled.  There were some pangs of disappointment and a few particulars of the event irked some people.

There wasn’t enough attention given to the Scleroderma Foundation.

There wasn’t enough of a “nod” to Bounce To A Cure.

Heck, I didn’t set a world record for that matter either.  What gives?

Lessons Learned

Bottom line is, I learned what to do and what not to do in preparation for a televised event.  Next time, there are going to be some rules in place (i.e. a plug for the foundation BTAC is supporting) and at least a line or two of dialogue between a show host, or interviewer, and me.

No more of this flash-in-the-pan angle showcasing me as a circus act.  I mean business and I’m out there in support of  a worthy cause.

The most interesting thing about all this is the story nobody knows.  It’s the sequence of events that none of the Today viewers, friends on Facebook, the XPOGO community followers and founders, or our new friends of the Facebook group Help Find a Cure Scleroderma know happened.

I’ve been hard at work with volunteers helping frame up the BTAC site, establish our presence across numerous social sharing sites, AND training for this entire event in thirteen days.  Yes, only “13.”

Keep Checking In

Over the next week I’ll be working on a short book that will give you a back stage pass on the road to my TODAY show appearance. You’ll learn how although I didn’t set my second world record, what I did accomplish with faith and a little help from friends was pretty darn extraordinary.

It’s a testament to what you can do if you set your mind to something.  What you can do if you’re fueled by a worthy cause with a genuine desire to help others.  It proves to you that you can do an immense amount of good in a very short amount of time if you care enough to do it.

Some highlights from the ebook:

  • How I barely trained for 6 days for my 2nd world record (and came surprisingly close to setting it)
  • 5 influential personal contacts I made to help spread the Bounce To A Cure message
  • The complete tear down and resurrection of
  • Firing up the First Giving system to accept donations for Scleroderma research
  • How the Laws of Attraction brought me more opportunities (with nearly zero effort!)
  • And more amazing events!

…all this in, you guessed it, only 13 days.

13 Days Until TODAY

The book will be aptly titled, “13 Days Until TODAY,” so for those of you that have already signed up for my email newsletter you’ll be first to receive the PDF copy.  After the pre-release, everyone that joins the email newsletter will automatically receive the download link to claim their copy.

It will be absolutely FREE.

Thanks to all of you for your support and watching the TODAY show.  You’ll be seeing a lot more of the BTAC team in the coming year!

Below are some links to show you the latest Bounce To A Cure picture uploads.  Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

TODAY Show website

Bounce To A Cure’s Flickr Photostream

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