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  Bounce to a Cure

In the Fall of 2007, James Roumeliotis was attending school at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. While there, he had his first encounter with a sufferer of  Scleroderma; the mother of a good friend from school.

Inspired to help those directly impacted by the life-threatening disease, the Bounce to a Cure organization was born of a generous and selfless feat of human strength and endurance.  One man and friendly volunteers determined to bring attention to and raise research funds for the Scleroderma Research Foundation.

BTAC founder, James Roumeliotis, had set an authenticated record, by the Guinness Book of World Records, for most consecutive pogo bounces.  The tally: 186,152 in 19hrs 45 mins from September 22-23rd, 2007, with over $10,000 raised.

…but that was only the beginning.

We at BTAC now push forth inspiring others to spread the word. Our intent: to lend our time, our brand, our talents, and our hearts to those in need.  All foundations, charities, and worthy causes are invited to contact us.  We blend great people with great causes and plan events that enrich lives.

Please, join our email club and follow our exciting journey so that, together, we may all Bounce To A Cure.


  James Roumeliotis
Founder/Web Manager

A Computer Science major out of WPI, James uses his background to help structure the virtual content of BTAC and his athleticism to push new frontiers in the world of pogo sticking. He finds the motivation to push for a cure simply due to the inspiring stories shared by individuals suffering from Scleroderma and other personal handicapping diseases. Put simply, he aims to help others through his passion in pogoing.


  Karen Vasquez
PR/Content Manager

Navy Veteran, Viterbo University graduate, and scleroderma patient for 20 years and counting, Karen writes about her experiences to raise awareness and hope. Diagnosed in 2007 with sarcoidois, Karen realized many diseases with similar symptoms that are often overlooked which prevent diagnosis of additional diseases, where treatment can be life saving.