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Pogopalooza 10 – New York, New York

Late spring/early summer is the best time of year. It’s the culmination of playoff hockey followed by the largest pogo event of the year: Pogopalooza This year, Xpogo is looking to go big in the biggest city of America. The masterminds behind this 10th iteration have decided to feature the sport on the biggest stage,…

The Scleroderma Research Foundation: The Search for a Cure

At Pogopalooza 10, throughout the streets of New York City, pogoers from around the world will mock gravity and bend the known laws of physics; Sir Newton will sit up from his grave to take notice. One such pogoer, James Roumeliotis of Bounce to a Cure, will be doing much more than breaking world records….

Reaching New Heights with Flybar

Bounce to a Cure has teamed up with Flybar to smash previous Guinness World Records with style. The Flybar pogo stick company is the manufacturer of one of the most noteble pogos: the Foam Master. The Foam Master is your typical spring pogo meant for kids. This pogo in particular was used by BTAC to…